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Why ILance?

It's packed with features you need.
Spend more time running your business and less time finding coders.
Built for all markets.
The ILance software framework is extremely versitle allowing all types of content to be used as a complete and robust RFQ and/or Liquidation platform to allow bidding up or down for products and services.

It's search engine optimized.
SEO is important for search engines when using software in an auction environment, items, sales, etc need to be echoed to the web, so our team created a way to make all pages on your site be coverted to html for search bots to send out for more traffic to your site.

It's modular and supports new apps.
We offer (in-house) apps as well as an App Store for developers so new and existing apps can be easily installed (and uninstalled) from the Admin CP backend of your marketplace to create instant functionality in the front end. Advertising, CMS Solutions, Software Bridges, KPI charts and other indicators are just a few of the apps now available.

Clean and sleek user interface.
ILance was carefully crafted in such a way that is appealing to end users with ease of colour and flow, with available CSS tools to quickly and easily change the look and feel by external style sheet or inline using the CSS Style Manager now available within the Admin CP backend.

It can speak multiple languages.
Supporting various countries and regions now offering localization and multi-language to your members the site can be shown in their own language. Create new langauges, translate existing phrases and expand your traffic.

ILance now supports UTF-8 which is the most popular method for producting multi-lingual applications to your customers over the Internet.

Switch it on or off.
Almost every feature in ILance software can be turned on or off. The highly modular structure of the components allow you to quickly switch a feature on or off as you demand.

Framework ready for developers.
Allow your business and website to expand, create new functionality in ILance by using the built in API system, the way the code was constructed and fully PHP-DOC commented will make it 100% easier for developers and/or designers to work with and that will saving you time and money in the long run. See a PHP-DOC example.

A decade of support and dedication.
For over a decade our staff and active licensed members have been happy to asisst with tips and experiences within community forums which you gain licensed access to. Any issues reported go to professional project management for any bugs to be reviewed, reproduced, tested and resolved quickly.

It's scalable.
The framework is built to scale around consistent PHP coding syntax which also offers developers with an (API) for integration of custom functionality through the use of API Hooks within PHP & HTML templates.

To allow scaling of server hardware, user session data is written and read to your central database allowing for additional servers to plug into your current network artichitecture with a cloned copy of ILance on the new server with a new site ID.
Active Community.
Since 2004 our member forum has greatly expanded with over 50,000 posts. Become engaged in discussions involving new & existing innovations with ILance software!
Earn with ILance.
Earn 10% commission when you send leads that convert to sales. Learn more.