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Reverse Auction.

There's a whole new way for buyers to Hire. Forward Auction Reverse Auction
Let the software work for you!
You have the market and now all you need is ILance to bring it all together.
Search and match skills.See it in action
Buyers can easily drill down the skill set they are seeking for a project and be matched with qualified providers based on various filters such as expertise, exact distance radius and feedback.

Keep it safe in escrow.See it in action
Optional escrow tools can be turned on to intersect the financials and secure the payment before the project is closed, the buyer simply funds the account and the provider is paid upon completion and satisfaction.

Customize your content.See it in action
Cater to any market niche and gain valuable information by creating your own content input fields for key actions in the marketplace such as registration questions, profile verifications and listings.

Adjustable ratings system.See it in action
Configure custom rating specifics to match your market niche and decide how your buyers and providers will be rated based on flexible feedback criteria.

Budget and bid ranges.See it in action
Easily set up budget ranges for buyers to specify their budget when accepting bid proposals keeping the event organized, efficient and fair.

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Random thoughts from our customers.
Jan, 17, 2007Deepak S.
I have found iLance to be a bargain at full price. The depth of the platform is impressive and the actual marketplace highly configurable in that you can turn most features on and off easily. I would recommend iLance for serious online auction capability.
Jan, 26, 2014Austin D.
Dear Team ILance, Thank you very much for all your help with the licence. All went well. Regards Austin
Nov, 29, 2014Wilbard M.
Dear friends, Before buying, I studied the demo version of the Ilance software and searched for Ilance reviews on the net via google. I decided to order Ilance script despite of some negative reviews in some forums. I also read some Peter’s comments over some negative reviews. Peter’s comments are strong and sound to be from a learned person ! It was Peter’s comments plus my own analysis of the situation which made me decide to purchase. So What happened after I purchased? • I opted to buy installation service from the owners of script to avoid any responsibility in case the system could not run well. I was afraid they could say OH! its because of your poor installation. • It was Erin who supervised the installation • I got the Ilance system and its now running my website. • I have tested almost every function except those related to payment gateways. • The system is working /running very well and its not slow. It opens quickly • I have not discovered any bug todate My advice to potential buyers of this Ilance System: 1. This system has so many useful functions needed in an online marketplace. I don’t believe there will be an alternative to this script in the near future with exception of giants like ebay or amazon). I am not a programmer, but I guess it may take not less than 4 years for a competent programmer to build a similar system. 2. New buyers! Those negative reviews I mentioned above should not make you run away from this great opportunity. 3. New buyers! Don’t be mislead that I am one of Ilance owners, and so am defending my business. The truth is I don’t know the owners of Ilance. Its Erin, a staff of Ilance (Not sure if he is the owner) who assisted me till I was done with purchase and installation. May I take this opportunity to congratulate Ilance Team for a good work! Keep it up! Wilbard,
Jul, 29, 2014Ben E.
I had a problem moving my software to a staging server. Peter from Ilance responded to me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes later my problem was solved. Great support.
Aug, 23, 2016PETER T.
I initially had to choose between 10 different companies that were providing auction software, after my first conversation with Erin I knew ILANCE was the way to go, the customer support is awesome. Now, I am by far not the most technology savy person but the ILANCE software is very user friendly from both the back and front end of the site...I have had nothing but praises about my site - If you are someone who is looking for a company to provide the best possible product to really wow your customers you have definitely come to the right place with ILANCE!
Jul, 08, 2013Kurt S.
Extensibility: The API/plugin system looks awesome. I haven’t seen anything like it in a Web application. Documentation: The tutorials section has a lot of great stuff. Again, something you don’t see very often. Regards, K.
Jun, 18, 2008Edward M.
After shopping around, I purchased the ILance software. After hiring a developer to make customizations, I realized that I paid a TENTH of what some web design firms quoted me for a site with less features. As far as I'm concerned, ILance is GIVING this software away.
Mar, 17, 2014Hannah P.
This is an amazing package, and the support received is above and beyond what you would receive elsewhere. Even though I am over the other side of the world they were so helpful. Also their hosting is worth while getting as I had issues with other hosting, but as soon as I transferred over, there were no problems at all! If you are considering purchasing their products, do it as you will be looked after well!
Dec, 14, 2012Winston H.
It is refreshing to deal with software developers who want their customers to succeed.
Oct, 20, 2014Enrique D.
ILance's professional service team was very responsive to our custom installation requirements. Thanks again Peter.
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