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Forward Auction.

The world's most advanced buy and sell tool. Forward Auction Reverse Auction
Redefine how you sell online.
When there are products to sell, you just need ILance to power it all.
Bid or buy lots.See it in action
Sellers can choose to list a timed auction event for public or invite only and offer Buy now for single and multiple quantity LOTS.

Search, find and notify.See it in action
Buyers can search for any product via keyword or advanced filters, search results can be saved so the buyer can subscribe and be notified each time a desired product becomes available.

Pin-point the details.See it in action
Sellers can narrow down the fine details when selling such as, color, size, condition etc. These attributes can be used for the ultimate search filters when searching for the exact item.

Shipping made simple.See it in action
Sellers can define their preffered shipping partners and locations the item can be shipped including custom fees, plus adding additional costs for handling time.

Intuitive feedback manager.See it in action
Buyers and sellers can leave feedback quickly for single and multiple item transactions directly from their member dashboard.

Buy and sell efficiently.See it in action
The new and improved buying and selling manager makes it even easier to navigate towards getting tranasctions paid, rated and closed quickly and effectively.

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Random thoughts from our customers.
Mar, 27, 2008Anton L.
I bought it couple of weeks ago and I'm really excited with the product. Even if I should fail to earn a single buck with it I will not regret that I bought it. Congratulations, Great Work, ILance!
Jul, 08, 2013Kurt S.
Extensibility: The API/plugin system looks awesome. I haven’t seen anything like it in a Web application. Documentation: The tutorials section has a lot of great stuff. Again, something you don’t see very often. Regards, K.
Jul, 12, 2008Vincent C.
I have to say that I am very impressed with ILance, the people and the product! I've had the pleasure of working with both Erin and Wojtek and they have been great!
Jun, 18, 2008Edward M.
After shopping around, I purchased the ILance software. After hiring a developer to make customizations, I realized that I paid a TENTH of what some web design firms quoted me for a site with less features. As far as I'm concerned, ILance is GIVING this software away.
Jan, 29, 2012Christopher A.
I got the entire code instead of some hidden or encrypted one, which helped me a is based on a MVC, i dont think most apps dont do it as mvc(since they would like to see $$ in customization too) but ilance was designed better for those who can redesign. Both the SEO support and FUll text search meant a lot, and u can change it as u want, most important is the multilingual and international currency setup helped me a lot to expand beyond United States. since i had worked with a large set of open source frameworks i would say it is the easiest, so you can make it do what ever u want :)
Aug, 12, 2014Mathias S.
Your program really works great and everything we wanted to change was possible via your admin interface. Best, Mathias
Jul, 29, 2014Ben E.
I had a problem moving my software to a staging server. Peter from Ilance responded to me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes later my problem was solved. Great support.
Jan, 12, 2012Jennifer B.
This is a FANTASTIC product! You guys have made one awesome application, and I thank you for it
Aug, 19, 2010Fabrice G.
Thank you once again for your truly supportive and helpful decision, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for me to have this great software.
May, 15, 2013Neal W.
I'm a new Ilance customer and I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the platform and support I'm receiving. I researched auction scripts for almost 2 months before deciding on Ilance. I don't believe there's anything else out there that conveys the professionalism, intuitiveness and feature set as well as Ilance does. Sure there's going to be some issues with any great solution, but the way they're supported and responded to by an organization can make or break them. There's a reason why Peter and his crew have been in business for quite some time and for me, it's clearly evident. Keep up the great work!
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