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Forward Auction.

The world's most advanced buy and sell tool. Forward Auction Reverse Auction
Redefine how you sell online.
When there are products to sell, you just need ILance to power it all.
Bid or buy lots.See it in action
Sellers can choose to list a timed auction event for public or invite only and offer Buy now for single and multiple quantity LOTS.

Search, find and notify.See it in action
Buyers can search for any product via keyword or advanced filters, search results can be saved so the buyer can subscribe and be notified each time a desired product becomes available.

Pin-point the details.See it in action
Sellers can narrow down the fine details when selling such as, color, size, condition etc. These attributes can be used for the ultimate search filters when searching for the exact item.

Shipping made simple.See it in action
Sellers can define their preffered shipping partners and locations the item can be shipped including custom fees, plus adding additional costs for handling time.

Intuitive feedback manager.See it in action
Buyers and sellers can leave feedback quickly for single and multiple item transactions directly from their member dashboard.

Buy and sell efficiently.See it in action
The new and improved buying and selling manager makes it even easier to navigate towards getting tranasctions paid, rated and closed quickly and effectively.

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Random thoughts from our customers.
Jul, 07, 2015Pete R.
I have been looking for an auction solution for a long time and I finally found just what I was looking for with iLance. The team at iLance have been incredibly helpful and got back to me quickly with their help and advice. I thoroughly recommend them, their software and their service! Pete
Apr, 15, 2008Renaud C.
I have to say that I love this script, and researched scripts for over a month. I almost didn't go here, because cost, but I have to say, it is worth every penny. The flexability that you added to your admin is like no other.
Feb, 28, 2012Kingsley I.
Thanks to you and your team for the good customer services and after sales support. Erin and Woj have been superb. Cheers.
Aug, 23, 2016PETER T.
I initially had to choose between 10 different companies that were providing auction software, after my first conversation with Erin I knew ILANCE was the way to go, the customer support is awesome. Now, I am by far not the most technology savy person but the ILANCE software is very user friendly from both the back and front end of the site...I have had nothing but praises about my site - If you are someone who is looking for a company to provide the best possible product to really wow your customers you have definitely come to the right place with ILANCE!
Aug, 19, 2010Fabrice G.
Thank you once again for your truly supportive and helpful decision, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for me to have this great software.
Jul, 12, 2008Vincent C.
I have to say that I am very impressed with ILance, the people and the product! I've had the pleasure of working with both Erin and Wojtek and they have been great!
Mar, 01, 2016Paul H.
When it comes to looking to acquire new software, my first and most important point is the software MUST be easy to use and intuitive. Secondly I get in contact with the developers and see how they communicate with a prospective customer, me! I took no notice of any previous glitches in the software but spoke to the team and told them what I was needing to accomplish for my customer and still don't. I judge everything on how it has worked for me over the past 3 months. Erin and Peter have ALWAYS got in contact with every newbie problem I have had, which sometimes just takes reading the manual to sort it but they patiently guided me to a satisfactory result, meaning the Marketplace software done its job on our first 2016 National Flying Club Pigeon Auction, to the tune of making the customer about 4 times their initial investment in the software! I would recommend the iLance Marketplace to anyone that is SERIOUS about having Auction software that works, with a competent team to back it up and support you. Thank you Guys. Best Regards and look forward to a long future together. Paul
Jan, 26, 2014Austin D.
Dear Team ILance, Thank you very much for all your help with the licence. All went well. Regards Austin
May, 15, 2013Neal W.
I'm a new Ilance customer and I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the platform and support I'm receiving. I researched auction scripts for almost 2 months before deciding on Ilance. I don't believe there's anything else out there that conveys the professionalism, intuitiveness and feature set as well as Ilance does. Sure there's going to be some issues with any great solution, but the way they're supported and responded to by an organization can make or break them. There's a reason why Peter and his crew have been in business for quite some time and for me, it's clearly evident. Keep up the great work!
Jul, 29, 2014Ben E.
I had a problem moving my software to a staging server. Peter from Ilance responded to me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes later my problem was solved. Great support.
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