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Server hardware1

Shared hosting or dedicated server with at least:
  • Dual Core or Quad Core Server or greater
  • 2 GB RAM (8 GB recommended) or more
  • 500 MB Hard Drive (1 GB recommended) or more

Internet requirements

  • Internet or Intranet Access
  • 1 Registered Domain Name
  • 1 Valid POP3 Email Account (receive email)
  • 1 Valid SMTP Email Account (send email)

Server software

  • Apache v2.x (or higher) Server Software (recommended)
  • PHP v5.3 (or higher)
  • MySQL Database Server v5.1.36 (or higher)


Mod_rewrite should be available if you plan to operate a fully search engine friendly web site with ILance. To use this module, first we have to enable it, since it's initially disabled in the configuration file on bare-bone servers. Open Apache's httpd.conf file and uncomment the following lines (remove starting #'s):

#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
#AddModule mod_rewrite.c

  • The first line tells Apache to load the mod_rewrite module
  • The second line enables the use of mod_rewrite

After you restart Apache, Mod_rewrite should be enabled ready for usage with ILance allowing urls on your web site to be search engine optimized. The .htaccess file is already pre-configured and ready to deploy.


Your minimum values for PHP settings within the php.ini configuration file should be similar to:
  • max_execution_time = 30 (or higher)
  • memory_limit = 256M (or higher)
  • post_max_file = 100M (or lower)
  • upload_max_filesize = 100M (or lower)
Some functions used in ILance rely on PHP extensions available from the PHP community. Here is the list of extensions that should be enabled to harness all available features within ILance:
  • date -
  • hash -
  • iconv -
  • pcre -
  • session -
  • libxml -
  • tokenizer -
  • zlib -
  • SimpleXML -
  • dom -
  • SPL -
  • wddx -
  • xml -
  • xmlreader -
  • xmlwriter -
  • xmlrpc -
  • mbstring -
  • curl -
  • exif -
  • gd -
  • image -
  • mcrypt -
  • mysql -
  • openssl -
  • SOAP -

Operating system

  • PC: Linux (any flavour); Mac Lion Server; Windows Server (NT/2000); Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with SP 3 or later

Web hosting

ILance can provide the platform to host the ILance software with all modules and components ready to go. If you don't already have hosting click here to get started.
  1. 1. Server hardware recommendation does not reflect hardware or components you must use
  2. 2. ILance does not require you to use SEO functionality and will work without SEO enabled urls
  3. 3. PHP recommended values do not reflect the actual values you are required to use due to your existing environment/setup