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Plug-in architecture.

It does everything. Better.
ILance framework includes tools and pre-created functions to create powerful and great applications using API hooks.
Brilliantly crafted so your custom code works great.
Explore professional applications that were written in ILance markup language and see for yourself how simple it is!
Integrate your existing products.
Interconnect your existing product line with ILance by using various API hooks to update user information and more. For example, when an ILance user updates their profile on your marketplace you could write a line of code to send an email or update a different database within minutes.
Introduce quick changes via XML files.
Reduce downtime by working with external XML product files without disruption to core software code. Change logic quickly or implement something completely new. See example plug-in file.

Enable or disable custom code quickly.
Developers can turn on debug mode to capture any errors or can completely disable the plug-in system by changing one simple setting in under 10 seconds. Rapid development saves time and resources when working with ILance Software.

Take it one step further.
Enjoy writing PHP code? Join the ILance Developer Program and start getting paid for your ideas that other iLancers can benefit from.
Learn more.