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Customize everything.

Make it your own.
ILance can be uniquely customized to let your site stand out from the rest.
Customize HTML in a snap.
Designing templates for ILance is fast, to the point, and so simple it suits any level of designer.
Trusted cross browser capability.
ILance provides consistent browser HTML markup straight out of the box and lets developers focus on building functionality instead of patching existing browser incompatibilities.
Everything's an HTML template.
Need to change something quick on the main home page or globally within the footer? open the template and make the change in less than a minute. Create {placeholder} variables in templates for dynamic content loading in two simple steps.
Easy <if conditional> syntax in templates.
ILance has created a tightly integrated template engine allowing designers and developers to create if conditional syntax in HTML templates without having to write complex PHP code.
Clean PHP code stays in .php files.
Team ILance has produced a most robust application framework template system that goes far beyond traditional "php frameworks" by completely eliminating all PHP code from within any HTML template and replacing it using specific tags for clean and consistent code markup.
Includes jQuery and best of breed tools.
New browsers and patches are released all of the time and support for older browsers is an ongoing task. jQuery offers ILance a perfect marriage for providing consistent browser functionality by letting developers focus on building functionality quickly without reinventing the wheel for writing complex Javascript.
Compose custom code via API hooks.
Need to save new user registration data to a second database or email address? Need to send bid proposal details to external networks? Add your code to the appropriate API hook for registration saving and you've got complete control over everything- including your data.
New Affiliate Program.
Join the ILance Affiliate Program and earn 10% for referring visitors that convert into sales from your web site. Learn more.