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A software solution for products or services.
ILance is an affordable software that caters to product or service markets. Any size business can utilize ILance, even if you're established, just starting up or starting again.
ILance 4 New Version
Take a glance and explore the world's most secure and comprehensive auction software available for your web site and mobile devices today.
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Discover ILance:
Reverse Auction (services, jobs, freelancing)
Forward Auction (items, buy now/auctions)
ILance Developer Program
Accept payments from users- anywhere around the globe.
ILance has teamed up with over 10 of the top major Internet payment gateway providers to ensure you can receive payments from any user, home or abroad. Plug your settings in and get paid quickly and professionally.
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Integrated shipping solutions.
We have partnered with the most widely used shipping providers available today. Through the use of the API your site can track shipments and be configured to help sellers calculate best rates for their customers.
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Robust bidding engine.
Proxy Bidding, Sealed Bidding, Blind Bidding and Job Bidding are all supported bid methods available in ILance. Tools such as bid-permissions give you more control unlike anything before.
Place bids even faster in ILance 4.
Up to 2x faster than previous versions.
Proxy BiddingOptimized engine code
Item BiddingIntroduced AJAX
Bulk UploadingFaster image handling
Job BiddingReduced input fields
Watch videos of ILance in action.
We have created a video gallery of some of the top features in ILance software. Save yourself some time, sit back and watch some videos of ILance in action today.
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Top features available.

Administrative Control

  • Moderation Tools for Everything
  • Currency & Language Tools
  • Unlimited Depth Category System
  • Custom Fees Matrix Manager
  • Payment Modules Manager
  • Referrals & Verification Manager
  • Email & Notifications Manager

Listing Formats

  • Single seller mode
  • Multiple seller mode
  • Forward Auction
  • Buy Now / Fixed Price
  • Multiple Item Bulk Upload
  • Reverse Auction / RFQ
  • Want Ads / Classifieds
  • Public Events
  • Non Profits Event
  • Lowest Unique Bid Event

Feedback & Ratings

  • Give & Leave Feedback
  • Feedback Criteria Manager
  • Feedback Display on Profiles


  • Full-text Boolean Searching
  • Budget/Price Range Searching
  • In Title & Descriptions Searching
  • Photos & No Photo Searching
  • Search by Country/State/City
  • Distance & Radius Searching
  • Items From/Available to Searching
  • Industry Skills Searching

Email Management

  • Add, Edit & Remove Email Templates
  • Group Emails into Departments
  • Import & Export Email Templates
  • Email Templates Dispatch Preview
  • Search & Find Email Templates
  • Associate Emails to User Roles

Shipping & Delivery

  • Handling fee supported
  • Multiple Shipping and Fee Support
  • Digital Item Download Supported
  • Multiple shipping partners and rates
  • Additional item per cost matrix

Public & Private Messages

  • Public Messages on Listings
  • Private Messages Manager

Content Management System

  • Manage Important Articles
  • Style/CSS Management
  • Email Template Management
  • Language Phrase Management
  • Template Blocks Visibility

Client Side Interface

  • Quick or Long Registration
  • Accounting Dashboard
  • Preferences Dashboard
  • Wach list & Activity Management
  • RSS Feeds
  • Free/paid Membership System

Buying Features

  • Featured Listing Placement
  • Configurable Budget Range Selectors
  • Upload file, image or video attachments
  • Automated Buying Reminders
  • Transfer Listing Ownership
  • Buying Activity Manager

Bidding & Tools

  • Bid Activity Manager
  • Shortlist Bidders
  • Award Bid / Decline Bid
  • Bidding Privacy (sealed, blind, full privacy)
  • Bid Filter Permissions (age, region, etc)
  • Flexible bid types (per LOT, weight, hour, etc)
  • Proxy Bidding Agent (auto-bidder)
  • Bid Increment Manager (+per category)
  • Anti-Bid Sniping Tool (+per category)

Photos / Attachments

  • Photo Resizer
  • Built-in Watermarking
  • Workspace file manager
  • Attachment limit manager
  • Thumbnail file manager
  • Listing pages slideshow
  • List / gallery view mode

Saved Lists / Notifications

  • Save your Search (+Criteria)
  • Email notify of listings via Categories
  • Add to Watch list

Languages Management

  • Add, Edit & Remove Phrases
  • Group Phrases into Departments
  • Import & Export Phrases
  • Author Multiple Languages
  • Search & Find Phrases

Security Built-In

  • SSL Application Ready
  • Session Hijack Protection
  • Database Injection Protection
  • URL Manipulation Protection
  • Multiple Debug Mode Levels
  • Passwords Triple Salted
  • Registration via Proxy Protection
  • Security CAPTCHA Code Protection
  • Email MX Record Validity Protection
  • Failed Sign-in Authentication Archival
  • Encrypted URL Variable Protection
  • GeoIP IP Technology Tools Included

Permission Management

  • Add Unlimited Permissions to Scale
  • Add Unlimited User Roles
  • Add Unlimited Membership Plans
  • Customize Username Output on Roles
  • Recurring Payments via Memberships
  • Bulk Migrate User Memberships Plans

Customize using API hooks

  • Add Custom HTML Without Core Edits
  • Add Custom PHP Without Core Edits
  • Create Custom Apps & Plug-ins
  • All Custom Code Sit in XML Files
  • Optimized Hook Engine for Speed
  • Advanced HTML Conditionals Syntax
  • Sell Apps & Plug-ins on ILance!

Selling Features

  • Digital Download Supported
  • Image Gallery & Youtube Video Support
  • Featured Listing Placement
  • Custom Question Fields Per Category
  • Automated Selling Reminders
  • Public Selling Profile
  • Advanced Skills Manager
  • Selling Activity Manager

Auction Listings

  • Escrow Accounts Supported
  • Listing Enhancements (Bold, Highlight)
  • Secure Escrow Manager
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Support
  • Auto Re list
  • Reserve Price
  • Buy Now / Fixed Price
  • Multiple Item Upload
  • Advanced HTML Editor for Descriptions
  • Non-Profit Listings Supported
  • Save as Draft
  • Realtime Event Schedule
  • Reserve price
What's new in ILance 4?
Find out what's being worked on now and take a glance into the future with our roadmap.

Recently Released

  • Drag & drop picture uploads
  • Search Attachment Filters (Admin CP)
  • Upsell fee- featured in search
  • Improved cache engine code
  • Introduced over 20 new API hooks
  • Introduced research ship rates API
  • Improved distance radius code
  • Improved photo attachment system
  • Improved photo gallery widget UI
  • Introduced XMLRPC client/server API
  • Introduced GeoIP API tools
  • Improved session security
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption
  • Reduced CPU consumption
  • Reduced database consumption
  • Introduced CKeditor WYSIWYG editor
  • Improved security CAPTCHA UI
  • Introduced import/export settings
  • Upgraded Admin CP interface
  • Introduced PayPal Payments Pro
  • Introduced Google Checkout/Wallet
  • Introduced offline bank support
  • Introduced AJAX search in Admin CP
  • Introduced MD5 file conflict system

In Development Now

  • Fully integrated classified ad formats
  • Brand new layout for product auctions
  • Brand new layout for service auctions

Apps In Development Now

  • iOffer - Make an offer on listings

Planned for Future

  • Disputes & resolution system
  • News from ILance Admin CP integration
  • Seller Taxation system
  • Milestone manager
  • Hiring teams / groups
  • Improved KPI charts and statistics
  • Improved API logic via XMLRPC
  • Drag & drop sections layout manager
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