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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Why can't I submit a forum post in the Forum?

If you have an active ILance forum account and each time you compose a new message and submit the form it gives you some error about description cannot be empty or other please visit your User Control Panel to update your WYSIWYG editor default in the forum. Please follow these steps below:

1. When viewing the forum home page please click "Private Messages" near the top header.

2. From this page you'll see a left navigation menu, click Edit Options link.

3. Scroll down to the very end of the page near Miscellaneous Options and make sure Message Editor Interface pull down menu is selected to Standard Editor (or Basic editor if Standard editor does not work).

4. Click save to save your changes.

After the above is completed please retry to post your message in the forum.

How can I locate my email address on

In order to recover your email address so you can re-login to the ILance member area you will need to have your license key. Once you have your license key for your ILance product please visit this page to recover and locate your email address used to purchase ILance products.

How come I can't access ILance Connect Forums?

If you are having trouble accessing the ILance Connect Forums on the new ILance web site please follow these simple steps:

1. Sign-in to ILance members area.
2. Click "My Profile"
3. In the password field to the far right enter a new (or existing password) for your account.
4. Scroll down to the end and click "Save".
5. Sign-out of your ILance account.
6. Sign back into your ILance account.
7. Click "Connect" on the footer page of ILance.

If you are still experiencing problems after these steps above please feel free to contact us.

How can I locate my software license key?

To locate your software license key, please open any php scripts associated with ILance software and at the very top you will see a string that mentions your license key as shown:

What is Open Flexible Licensing?

ILance is available on a license basis, ensuring that every deployment is cost effective. For companies who wish to own the rights to their own software, the source code license can be made available for purchase. Having bought the source code, customers are entitled to make their own changes and modify the software according to their needs, offering increased flexibility and security.

How do I register or create an account on ILance?

In order to create an account on ILance you must first be licensed with the ILance software product. To learn more about the ILance software license options please click here.

What does an ILance Master Username mean?

The master username on ILance means this unique username will be displayed in public member areas such as the forum, issue tracker and other services that may require a username for your protection while using the web site.

Why do I see a cost on some ILance Tutorials?

ILance has created a platform for developers and licensed customers to express their voice through the use of detailed and precise tutorials on ILance offering how-to's for many different topics surrounding ILance software and related add-ons.

Some tutorials that include a cost to view will contain everything from video examples, detailed PHP code examples, screen shots and much more. The cost per each tutorial is set at the author's own descretion when composing the tutorial on ILance.

Once the tutorial has been purchased the viewer can print, download and view this tutorial and any future revisions indefinately.

What makes a great ILance tutorial?

So you have a killer idea?

Best practice is wanting to write a tutorial with a great idea. Your tutorial should be something you know about and feel confident to provide your input, opinion and advice toward the final product. This could include everything from screen shots, videos, custom graphics and great content overall.

Subjects that work best are specific. An example could be a tutorial on "How to use all configuration settings in ILance" is far too general. However, a tutorial on "How to integrate PayPal IPN to send a second email to admin" would be a great tutorial to write.

Tutorials are community driven articles and is meant to be improved and kept up to date naturally by the community and authors alike.

What is a recurring payment?

A recurring payment is a payment for an item or service which is on-going for the duration term. If a product or service has a 1 year duration term this means every year a payment will be charged to the originating payment source for said products or services. Some products and/or services available on the ILance web site may require a recurring payment subscription using a valid credit card.

If for example you are renewing your licenses but also decide to add web hosting service to your order would require that the payment for the entire purchase order be made using a credit card.