Do I receive all code sources with the purchase?

Once you purchase an owned license and adhere to the EULA (end user license agreement) the account owner will receive all sources within 24 to 48 hours. Team ILance verifies all new customers with a friendly follow up phone call. If we cannot reach you within this period the order can become cancelled.

Can I host my own domain name when using your monthly SaaS service?

Yes, you would start on a primary ILance provided domain like and we would help and assist in the creation of a CNAME so can be used instead.

Can I upgrade my customer accounts that can buy on my website?

Yes, each license allows you to add more customers to your plan so you can grow as your business expands.

Can I hire your team to apply my customizations and design?

Yes, we have a team of experts waiting to assist you with your project whether it's code related or design. We're here to help.

Do I own my customization changes in the software?

Yes, you own all code and implemented design that was not originally built (or part-of) the ILance software framework. Any code you add to the existing PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc. files is owned by you but the file itself and surrounding code is property of ILance, Inc.

Will your team help migrate from a competing solution provider and move my data over to iLance 5?

Yes, we can help and assist with the migration process as long as we can access your current database to evaluate the scope of migration.

How do I report an issue or bug I find in the software?

Please use the community forum bug area to submit any issues, our team will review and respond accordingly.

Will the software work in my country?

Yes, iLance was built with all the localization tools required for currency, date, time, tax and language/phrases (including all emails and templates).

Is there a manual for the software that outlines the features?

Yes, you can access the manual from here: ILance Documentation

If my recurring monthly payment fails for hosting service, how long do I have before the marketplace is suspended?

If the recurring payment is not successful, your account will stay active for 7 additional days while the marketplace and data is suspended. If the payment has not been received for an additional 3 days after the initital 7 day suspension then the marketplace and files, data, content will be deleted from the server's hard drive.

Can I cancel my recurring monthly hosting plan anytime?

Yes, you can notify us to cancel and we'll make the changes on your account within 48 hours excluding weekends.

Can I Export My Data If I stop using the leased license?

Absolutely, it’s your data – just contact us if you decide to stop using iLance and we’ll happily prepare a data export for you within a day or two.

What level of technical support is included in your leased option?

ILance will maintain and support all core code, design and technologies, any additional custom designs or themes applied by the customer that may cause issues will need to be reviewed through paid ticket support or by the original developer assigned to that specific task.

How often are backups performed when subscribing monthly?

Backups are managed and performed each day at 4AM EST.

What security features are built into ILance by default?

The software has a number of security measures built-in so your programmers don't have to deal with common issues in application security:

  1. SQL injection prevention
  2. Professional application routing (prevents hackers from manipulating additional URL variables)
  3. Application error reporting can be turned on while in development, off while in production
  4. Sensitive areas use URL encryption (instead of seeing ?id=883&username=joe you would see script.php?crypted=$2a$05$bvIG6Nmid91Mu9RcmmWZfO5HJIMCT8riNW0hEp8f6/FuA2/mHZFpe
  5. User passwords are encrypted via md5 and then salted so it's unrecoverable by common scripts which hold databases of common dictionary words already pre-hashed via standard md5.
    Example: $password = md5('my password' . md5(salt));
  6. Tools to allow proxy IP address blocking for new registrations
  7. Tools to prevent spammers from signing up through the use of CAPTCHA image verification
  8. Failed username and password honeypot so attempts get logged to db for review of hacking attempts
  9. Full SSL supported (all pages 100%)
  10. GeoIP tools to ensure that users who sign up from countries like Canada and USA are actually from Canada and USA.
  11. Who's online connection activity monitor lets you review exact locations of hackers, customers, search bots, guests and more. Quickly find targetted areas or suspicious activity efficiently and know who's online and connected at all times (including mobile devices).
  12. Several other "security" features within it's own section in the ILance software admin panel to configure/tweak on or off, etc.

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