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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How to search and replace your own text phrases?

Login to your admin panel and click the languages tab, from here find the sub tab called Search.

1. Choose your default language
2. Choose phrase group that your text will be based from, it is recommended to choose Global Phrases so that your search results will be easily found.
3. Enter your text in the By Keyword field - make sure to check box the find exact keyword match
4. Choose how many phrases you wish to show per page
5. Search Phrases
6. Find the results you wish to change and modify actual phrase within the box provided
7. Click Save and review new saved changes on your site

I just installed an add-on product and SEO urls not working?

Not every web hosting company is the same and many larger hosting companies will pre-configure their web servers like Apache to use "Multiviews" as a default "configuration" value to suit a majority of their customers.

From the documentation, Multiviews is about;

“It can choose the best representation of a resource based on the browser-supplied preferences for media type, languages, character set and encoding. It also implements a couple of features to give more intelligent handling of requests from browsers that send incomplete negotiation information.”

While it seems extremely useful to have this feature enabled by "default" the problem is ILance requires the use of no Multiviews due to it's URL structure, methods and security implementations. The fix to this problem on your site if you cannot access URLs like []/stores or []/campaign is as follows:

.htaccess file in your root folder

Options +FollowSymLinks


We hope this saves you some time in the end.

How does ILance Web Design services work?

First, you let us know which template you've selected from our themes gallery. If you have your own design concept you will still need to order slice services to convert your graphic into web page slices (header, footer, main content, etc). Second, you tell us your specific design requirements. Third, You submit your website elements (images, text, logos, etc) and our design team will build your web site.

What is the ILance Developer program?

A huge opportunity for members and guests to submit their best apps to gain exposure from the ILance app store and sell their apps. Learn more.

What can the white label license offer me as a company?

For your customers, using a white label ILance license helps to provide a simple, clear path to your clients end goal. Rather than sending them in search of partial solutions elsewhere, you can offer a full solution to meet their needs using ILance and free to change the copyright and powered by statements in the front end including the source code also.

The White label license also offers greater opportunity by means of using the software in multiple situations (multi-sites) using single and/or multiple databases therefore it's a perfect candidate for taking your software license and turning it into your own product where you have full right to sell your customized branded solution more than once.

At the moment only ILance Enterprise license offers "White labelling" and is priced to sell. Learn more.

Can I customize elements like colors, fonts and images?

Yes. All these questions would be asked in a basic questionare which you would fill out and return to Team ILance.

Can ILance customize a template purchased somewhere else?

Yes. Team ILance can customize any template you already have designed or purchase elsewhere and integrate it into the ILance software. If your design has advanced elements (flash, pulldown, widgets) which do not exist in the ILance software advanced programming pricing will apply on a per-hour basis which can only be purchased in blocks of 10, 15 or 20 hours at a time.

Why does ILance only sell PSD theme concepts from the Theme Store?

Every "theme" or "layout" produced by any designer offers a wide variety of widgets, menus, phrases, CSS, Javascripts and more for it to operate correctly. Because of this would force Team ILance to bloat the software with all widgets and functions pre-built in for every template being sold in the Theme Store. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Instead, ILance offers a marketplace for designers to upload their creative works for sale to the ILance Theme Store related to ILance Auction Software with each theme offering a few new bells and whistles from the next. Each theme includes the Photoshop PSD ready to go for buyers.

To integrate the theme into ILance-ready templates, the buyer will have the opportunity of hiring the designer of that photoshop PSD theme or can go elsewhere for integration.

As a last result, Team ILance offers Web Design services. To learn more click "Services" and then "Web Design" to see all web design services available from ILance.

Is the ILance design services only for the ILance auction software?

The current web design services relate to the ILance auction software only. For example all prices you see on the web design services page are geared towards designing for the ILance auction software and not a regular "web design" project like a simple web site.

Due to the exclusive design service offered by ILance, prices can range slightly higher than basic design firms due to the complexity of several templates and graphics required to drive the auction software compared to simple 2-5 page static web sites.

Freelancers have their own methods of designing software whereby designing for ILance forces designers and developers alike to adhere to the design layout principals of the ILance auction software which increase the overall price accordingly.

How do I configure my POP3 & SMTP settings?

To setup your personal computer with mail clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mail for Mac, etc please note most email clients require the following information:

POP3 / Incoming Mail Server:
SMTP / Outgoing Mail Server: Use the setting for the outgoing mail server provided by your ISP.

Account Name: Full email address is your account name. So if your domain is and you've created then your account name is

Password: Password that you've assigned for the email account when you created the email address within your cPanel.

Email Ports:
POP3 / Incoming port: 110
SMTP / Outgoing port: 25

Additionally, your mail client will have a checkbox or some option to tell it to "Enable server authentication" and please ensure this option is turned on.