Upload files to your server

The first step to installing ILance is to download the latest from your Download Center and unzip the package to save to a specified location so you can move those files over to your site via FTP file transfer.

Note: The archive password to open or save the ILance package is always the email address which was used to register when purchasing the license.

Once you have saved the files and opened your FTP client software for the file transfer, you should see a 2 pane window where your local files for ILance will be on the left and your web server on the right, please refer to your FTP documentation to show this left and right format as shown below:

Where you unzipped your ILance files on your PC, you enter that folder to see your ILance scripts, select all and drag all to your web server. This example is based on installing to the root folder on your site.

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