Required: Set up a cron job

In order for your marketplace to automate various tasks such as closing auctions and sending email at specific times you will need to create a real cron job to connect to a script on your web site every minute for moderate traffic usage, every five minutes for little traffic usage and every 30 seconds (or less) for very busy web site usage.

Note: You need to have a good knowledge of Linux commands before you can use cron jobs effectively. Check your script with your hosting administrator before adding a cron job.

Depending on your configuration we'll assume you have access to cPanel and know your way around to setup your first real cron job.

Once you've entered the cron jobs from your cPanel scroll down to "Add New Cron Job" Please note, this command line makes use of a tool called "wget". Please contact your hosting provider to ask if your server supports "wget" through cron jobs:

The code to put within the "Command" section of the cron job should be the following:
wget -O /dev/null ""; 2> /dev/null

Once you've added your command line and clicked "Add New Cron Job" you should be finished with this area.

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