Running the Installer

If the config and connect files are set up properly, you should see the following page:

If the config or connect file are not properly configured, you may see the logo or a blank page and you need to go back and review the define('DIR_SERVER_ROOT'path, in most cases if the info in this path is not correct or missing any / slashes, it will stop the installer from going to the next step.

After the next steps of checking and confirming database info, you enter the site email and preferred user and pw that will be used to login to the marketplace back end plus the company and site name details. Web server paths will also be checked and confirmed

Next, If all files are properly set with the read/write permissions, you should see the following:

Continue to allow the installer to run and create the database table schema and language phrases and depending on server speed and memory, the completion time varies.

Congrats, you have reached the end of the installer, please read the important notes before launching.

The marketplace homepage will show placeholders to add hero banners and ad images, if you require some assistance with populating the marketplace with industry related images, we can help. contact us here

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