Arrivals by Department - Homepage

The homepage of the marketplace offers a unique block called Arrivals by department added there for buyers to see a visual promotion of new products added to the marketplace which they can click and be taken to the item.

To populate the arrivals by department block with categories and images, there are some steps that have to happen first. First requirement is to create sub domain categories with supporting thumbnail images which will appear from the shop by category catalog.
Next, upload products within that sub category and the category name and thumbnail will be populated to the homepage arrivals by department block for buyers to see and search.


A fresh installation does not have any sub categories created so you need to add some to make the arrivals by department feature populate the category, visit the admin category manager and start creating sub categories and associated thumbnails.

Login as admin and drag and drop an ad of your choice to the blank ad space.

After all sub categories are created and thumbnails added, upload a product listing within a category and then you will start seeing the departments added.


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