Placing a Bid

Sellers can place a bid on an item from the listing details page, there are some features built in which may come into play if enabled, such as bid increments and/or proxy bidding.

What are bid increments? Increments ranges which determine the set amount the current price goes up with each new bid placed. Example: Starting bid is $10 and goes up by $5. Next increments required would be $15, $20 etc.
What is Proxy Bidding? This feature can be enabled within the admin category manager for each category created, proxy can be enabled. If a bidders places a bid where the current bid is $9.95 and the max bid entered is $19.95 the system will place a bid up to $19.95 automatically for the bidder when other bids are placed. Do not use proxy bidding if you have not created bid increments yet.

When a bidder has placed a successful highest bid and is in the lead for the win, a message will be shown with congratulations of the highest bid.

When a bidder has placed a bid and is not the highest, a message will be shown advising they were outbid and to place a new maximum bid.

All bids placed are managed from the buying activity where buyers can choose to bid again by increasing the max bid to stay in the lead.

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