Process credit cards for Sellers

To let your “customers” use their “Credit card” with your marketplace sellers is available when you’ve enabled this feature from Payment modules (near bottom):

To enable this option, visit the admin Settings > Payments and API

These sellers should be trusted Vendors. This is how Amazon works in CC’s with their customers.

When this option is OFF/disabled then only the “main admin seller” can accept Credit Card payments from the marketplace customers. You see, since credit card acceptance is based on a merchant / seller account it’s not possible in ILance for each of your sellers accepting “Eway” or “” to add their “merchant account credentials” in your marketplace to use the API that way… not possible so the alternative route is IPN gateways, offline/manual payments or turning this setting on above where your merchant account at eWay is responsible for all customer purchases from your marketplace sellers using YOUR eWay account.

Once a real customer pays that seller through you, ILance will detect this payment and automatically CREDIT that sellers account balance for the entire amount minus any transaction fees you may be charging. This means if the seller had $100 to begin with and sells something for $500 (with a txn fee of $20) would be credited to his account $480 (plus the existing $100 already in there) would be $580. Now that seller can request a “withdrawal” for said funds for $580.

So this feature should only be enabled with Trusted vendors since the last thing you want is to open up to your merchant account to a bunch of unknown sellers.

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