Theme Manager - CSS Editor

Access the CSS editor from your admin panel > Marketplace > Theme Manager

Create a new theme and click the theme title to launch the CSS editor

In the styles manager, there are tools to get you prepared for building a new theme, for example; if you are a designer hired for a website, you could use the CSS manager to duplicate the current CSS layout and have a set of files ready for complete modification. The style manager allows admin or staff to create a new theme where the CSS would go into a new folder for that new theme ID.

In the latest release of ILance 5 includes a css editor to allow for easy theme editing by means of an integrated code editor for the .css and .html templates to help you with changing the look and feel of your marketplace.

Being able to quickly visualize the colors from the css at first glance really helps save time, included with an advanced popup color picker to help you get the perfect color scheme or match:

Additionally, when you’re editing large .css files, you can feel good knowing there is a great search and replace system for finding exact matches for css classes you may need to work on by clicking Cmd + F on Mac or CTRL+F on PC:

The editor will also recognize custom HTML template tags used in ILance 5 Framework as well as custom CSS variables (in red) to ensure you see where blocks get hidden or shown (through if conditions as seen below) within the templates for maximum template design creativity:

Manual Navigation: