Adding Plans

Membership plans define cost and duration of access in the marketplace, specific permission groups and roles are tied to the new plans offering various access levels and costs. Within the membership manager, there are tools to set up new plans, delete, edit and migrate to a new plan.

Click the add new plan button to set up a new plan

Give the plan a title, assign to a role and permission group if applicable and add a cost (optional) and set if the plan is active and visible from the front end.

The permission group needs to be created first before the plan so the permission group appears in the pull down to assign to the plan.

How to set up a free plan with migration options:

If you want to offer a FREE plan, create it. Set it up for 30 days at 0.00 price. Near the bottom of this FREE plan you’ll see MIGRATE PLAN TO option. Set that pull down to the plan in your system that will be FORCED on these users when the FREE plan is done (after 30 days) to one that is PAID.

In reality you need 2 plans to do this. One FREE (for 30/days) [which is set to auto-migrate to the PAID plan]: and one PAID for $xx for 30 days (which will be the plan users will be paying for). So if all users get free 30 days, after 30 days the users will see “No permission please click here” and it takes them to membership area where they click to pay for the PAID plan $xxx.

From the registration form, all active plans will appear at the end of registration for guests to select.

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