Hero Designer

Hero banners help customers navigate your marketplace offering advanced graphics, clickable hot spots, promos and more.

Easily upload and activate new banners using the hero designer and assign the new hero images to the categories and areas you want them to appear.

Hero pictures that are listed in the top menu are currently active on the homepage and category maps, you can load anytime, create hot spots or deactivate anytime.

Make clickable hot spots where buyers can click and be directed to the search results of those specific products. Click the + icon and choose from the pull down the shape of map to use and drag the mouse over the image to select the area you want to map,(hold down shift for rectangle mode) the code is then generated and will work automatically to create the hot spot.

Please note: you will need to have the URL of the clickable hotspot pre-ready so you can simply cut and paste the URL in the desired hot spot for the Href input box.

Once these steps are completed you would scroll down to the end of the page and click "Save". You will notice a Image Map text area near the bottom which is just used for reference. You do not need to copy this code anywhere as it will be saved for you properly within your database. Any changes you make in this area will take effect immediately.

Please note: if you have cache enabled you may need to wait until the cache has expired to see the new homepage hero picture changes you've made from this area. The default time to live for cache within ILance is 300 seconds.
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