Find and set up increments in your admin Marketplace Bids Manager, bid increments are used to increase the current bid price after each bid is placed. Categories in your marketplace will rely on bid increment groups you define. For example, a category with customers bidding in Automobiles may not have the same bid increment ranges as items posted in small toys.

If the bidder enters an amount lower than the required increment, they will be shown a message that indicates that the bid amount must be the same or greater than the minimum bid amount (current bid + increment).

Create New Bid Increment Group

Enter a title of the group that you can later add ranges to, example: small to large bid items, and then you can proceed to create your bid increment ranges.

Add Bid Increment Ranges

Now that you have a bid increment group created, click the new group name to bring up the ranges menu to configure the increment dollar ranges.

Choose to assign increments to individual categories, there is an option to select these from the category manager on a per category basis or if you want to make these increments site wide, you will want to click the link to Assign to all categories.

Assigning Bid Increments

Assign the group to all categories by ticking the icon to the right of the increment groups menu.

When bid increments are assigned and enabled, bidders will be shown the next bid amount + increment that is required to enter.

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