Add new category

Start by adding a root parent category as a base so you can go back and add sub categories if applicable. Parent categories are the main categories that can hold sub categories.

Example of root parent category

Example of a sub category

When you create new parent categories, these will show to buyers on the shop by category menu on homepage as well as searching through the category map, the description will appear in small text when they hover over a category and also used when the category is indexed by search engines.

Next, make sure to configure the settings that control bidding, buying and selling along with custom images for your category display (category search, category map and fly out)

The first setting is important, this determines if the category you are setting up will allow sellers to post items directly in the category, so choose yes or no.

In order to assign fees or increments to your category for insertion, final value and bid increments, they need to be set up from the fees and upsell manager first: Fees and Upsell
Where is shows "Apply to all children categories" means all sub categories will also use the same logic for fees or bid increments.
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