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Reverse Auction.

There's a whole new way for buyers to Hire. Forward Auction Reverse Auction
Let the software work for you!
You have the market and now all you need is ILance to bring it all together.
Search and match skills.See it in action
Buyers can easily drill down the skill set they are seeking for a project and be matched with qualified providers based on various filters such as expertise, exact distance radius and feedback.

Keep it safe in escrow.See it in action
Optional escrow tools can be turned on to intersect the financials and secure the payment before the project is closed, the buyer simply funds the account and the provider is paid upon completion and satisfaction.

Customize your content.See it in action
Cater to any market niche and gain valuable information by creating your own content input fields for key actions in the marketplace such as registration questions, profile verifications and listings.

Adjustable ratings system.See it in action
Configure custom rating specifics to match your market niche and decide how your buyers and providers will be rated based on flexible feedback criteria.

Budget and bid ranges.See it in action
Easily set up budget ranges for buyers to specify their budget when accepting bid proposals keeping the event organized, efficient and fair.

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Random thoughts from our customers.
Aug, 12, 2014Mathias S.
Your program really works great and everything we wanted to change was possible via your admin interface. Best, Mathias
Jan, 29, 2012Lucy S.
As a mum this script has been the best thing for me i am now able to work from home running my own business and running my own auction script without trouble.Unlike most scripts out there ilance has provided with a professional look and constant customer support.They are there when you need them and are always willing to help you with whatever they can.I have never had a problem with the company there great and i recommened them to anyoen wanting to start there own business its well worth it.Keep up the great work
Jun, 15, 2009Ian C.
I praise you for your excellent support once again.
Dec, 14, 2012Chris J.
You guys really are pretty awesome, and even with our complications, we could not have made a better choice.
Nov, 22, 2014Shoaib K.
Very nice software I have purchased many auction software but this is the best one so far.
Jun, 23, 2014Josein H.
Thank you Ilance team members for answering my questions and for helping me with the issues I had with my website. Also, thank you to the users who responded to my questions. Before buying the software I was very skeptical that this is not a legit software but after testing out the demo and getting in contact with the Ilcance team I was amazed of their customer service and the way this company has grown throughout the years with major upgrades. Once again Thank You Josein
May, 16, 2013Robert V.
For the record, I very happy with the iLance platform, it's very solid. Also your support has been outstanding, many thanks. Robert.
Oct, 29, 2013Timur U.
Just wanted to let you know that the new design in 4.1 looks awesome. But not only does it look great it's also progressive regarding html-code. I am looking forward to new releases in the future with more or extended functionality.
Jan, 26, 2014Austin D.
Dear Team ILance, Thank you very much for all your help with the licence. All went well. Regards Austin
Mar, 01, 2016Paul H.
When it comes to looking to acquire new software, my first and most important point is the software MUST be easy to use and intuitive. Secondly I get in contact with the developers and see how they communicate with a prospective customer, me! I took no notice of any previous glitches in the software but spoke to the team and told them what I was needing to accomplish for my customer and still don't. I judge everything on how it has worked for me over the past 3 months. Erin and Peter have ALWAYS got in contact with every newbie problem I have had, which sometimes just takes reading the manual to sort it but they patiently guided me to a satisfactory result, meaning the Marketplace software done its job on our first 2016 National Flying Club Pigeon Auction, to the tune of making the customer about 4 times their initial investment in the software! I would recommend the iLance Marketplace to anyone that is SERIOUS about having Auction software that works, with a competent team to back it up and support you. Thank you Guys. Best Regards and look forward to a long future together. Paul
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